Note: this site has now moved to Hugo + PaperMod. This article should be considered absolute

Just like how programmers write a hello world program first to check the functioning of their tools. In this blog, I will be testing all the features of my blog.

About Me

I am a student currently learning software development as a hobby with an aim to become a full time OSS contributor in the future.

My Skills

  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Problem Solving
  • Open Source

So, if you have known enough about me let’s do what this blog was written for. So let’s test all features of the site.

Blog Tests

Code block test

function BlogPage(props: Props) {
  return <>...</>;

Inline code blocks are cool too, aren’t they?

How this site was created…

The techstack

This site is a React application. Don’t believe me? Oh I admit it’s not plain React 😁

So, the secret ingrediants are… Oh wait are they really so secret? No. Anyways, here’s the list of ingrediants

For MDX, I am currently using next-mdx-remote. Earlier I had almost set this site up with next-mdx-enhanced, but its unmaintained now, and had some problems with latest Webpack, so I decided to just move away.

So that’s all, that might not be so cool as other blogs but I assure you that I will add new features here soon 😉